05 March 2015

madrid in black and white

Sending you big hugs. :)

17 February 2015

02 February 2015

snowy sunday

We went to shoot horses in the snow. Apparently, horses are smarter than us. While we were traipsing around in the snow freezing our petunias, they were nice and cozy in their warm stables. :):):)

09 January 2015

6 hours in saint- jean-de-luz and biarritz

Sunshine (yay!), pizza, 5 euro coffees (!!!), cherry tarts, yoga, dreaming, laughing ... a perfect day.
Wishing you a beautiful 2015 filled with many perfect days. 

27 December 2014

long weekend in madrid

Wishing you all lovely fiestas filled with love, laughter, and pumpkin pie.... so missing pumpkin pie right now. :)
Big hugs my friends. :)

10 December 2014

first snow

Driving home. :)
Hope you´re staying warm- or cool. :)

01 December 2014